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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Traveling light

And he said to them, “Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not have two tunics. Luke 9:3 ESV

Traveling light seems to be Jesus idea here. He was sending out His apostles to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Even though He sent them out with just the clothes on their back, they were still able to share the gospel wherever they went.

Think of how we plan for going on even for the shortest mission trips today. The amount of time, money and energy that is spent long before the trip ever takes place is amazing. So often we worry too much about what we need rather than what the world needs. Jesus wanted His apostles to be more concerned with preaching the gospel than with comfort and security.

My friend Scott took this verse to heart as well. The last time I saw Scott he had all his worldly possessions in a small trash bag. He had just returned from Oklahoma when he came by the church building to visit with me. He asked me to keep his things while he went to see if he could find a place to stay while he was in the area. Even though
everything he had fit into a bag, he was willing to leave it with someone else while seeking shelter. Scott trusted God and those he came in contact with. He knew God would provide.

How many of us are burdened with the trappings of this world and don’t fully trust in God ability to provide for our needs? I would venture to guess quite a few of us. We tend to worry about our perceived needs more than the spiritual needs of the lost in the world.

Today, let’s seek God’s wisdom for our lives and what is spiritually best for others. Let’s be willing to go out in faith to share the gospel and trust in God to provide for our needs. Let’s travel light like the Apostles did.

© 2013 Leo J. Woodman

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